6 Feet Under

Wednesday, March 28th, 2018 by Ellen Cagnassola


If you have ever had a broken or cracked sewer line you will know the toll it takes on your daily routine. A traditional sewer dig can last 4 days and require a 4 foot wide trough from the front of your home to the street in front of your home. Perma-Lining or pipe lining them takes half the time and usually requires a small area to be dug. In addition lining the existing pipe will last up to 50 years and is impenetrable by tree roots.


Here you can see Jonny and Pedro rolling out the liner which is a flexible tube to be measured and cut before the resin insertion. Below is one part of the resin mixture that gets combined with a blue component that gets inserted into the tube shaped liner.


Here you see Pedro holding the funnel while Washington pours the resin mixture into the flexible tube.



Above you can see Mike and Washington lay the resin filled tube on the table and run it though the rollers to flatten it. This pushes the resin into the liner while creating the same thickness throughout before the insertion under ground. Mike has to push on any white spots until the blue resin is fully absorbed.plumbers

How many plumbers does it take to carry a pipe liner? 3 is the answer. Now we are getting close the final stages to insert the liner. Below the heavy resin filled liner is pulled through. 



And away we go! Our magical Perma-Lining machine connects with the broken sewer pipe and then the hot steam penetrates the interior of the liner creating a rock hard interior pipe inside your broken pipe. You are now good for many years to come! How does that sound?


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