Spray Foam Branding History at Pipe Works Services

Friday, June 22nd, 2018 by Ellen Cagnassola

spray brand

Branding your business is important as well as branding your products and services. Pipe Works Services is all over it! No, really we are all over it and you can see it in these photos. Spray foam is shot from a gun as a liquid that turns into foam and expands as it hits the surface of an object. It dries in about 30 seconds but it is enough time that we can leave our mark. When you need to remember who did your spray foam, its front and center. Some applications for spray foam are duct work, pipes, attics, roof lines, basement ceilings, basement walls, crawl spaces and inside of walls. If you take down sheet rock and spray foam the interior channels (between studs), it makes a huge difference in acoustics while maintaining your desired temperature. 

Watch this video and see how cool spray foam is in action. 


spray foam


One small stamp for man, one large stamp for Man Kind....I mean Pipe Works Services!


spray foam

Today we landed on the moon because these guys are OUT OF THIS WORLD!

spray foam

This is what a good spray foam sample should look like on the inside. No bubbles or separating it's clean and consistent throughout. I will admit I was tempted to photoshop E.T. into these photos because spray foam is EXTRA TERRIFIC! ha ha ha....

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