Summers in New Jersey can bring uncomfortably high temperatures, and an efficient air conditioner can greatly increase the comfort of your home. A critical part of A/C maintenance is a refrigerant charge. To keep your system working hard and properly all summer long, you should perform a general check of the system and have an A/C refrigerant charge performed if needed.

Refrigerant gas flows through your air conditioner. For the system to work well, the right amount of refrigerant needs to be in the system. Leaks in the system or having repairs done on the A/C can deplete the levels of refrigerant. A refrigerant charge is a process of refilling the refrigerant. You may need an A/C refrigerant charge if you have noticed any of the following:

  • Pipes with an oily coating
  • Low system efficiency
  • Ice on the system coils
  • Warm air blows out of the system when it is on a cool setting

Having an efficient A/C can save you money by lowering your energy bills and can keep your house cool. A maintenance check is a great way to check the efficiency, and an HVAC technician can easily determine whether or not you need a refrigerant charge. If it is needed, the technician will use a cylinder or recharge kit on a specific valve. The technician will slowly add the refrigerant, allowing the system to adjust. There is a certain amount of refrigerant recommended for your system; too much or too little will cause inefficiency. Once the technician has added the correct amount, the air conditioner will be energy efficient and fully functional.

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