Plumbing preventive maintenance may seem like a drag but taking the time for proper maintenance will save you money, now and down the road. It’s also a great deal less expensive than an emergency repair. Here are a few tips for keeping up with plumbing preventive maintenance in your New Jersey home.

Always remember, though, that if you run into any plumbing issue that you’re not confident in handling, you’ll save time, money, and trouble if you contact a trusted plumbing professional.

The emergency water shutoff is found near the main water line into your home. There should be a valve to allow bleeding of the line that should be easy to reach. Each spring, check this for leaks and for the ability to be closed and bled. Turning off this spigot when a pipe burst can prevent thousands of dollars of water damage. If there is no line for bleeding, one should be added, as a leak could continue for quite some time during a break, resulting in serious damage and huge expense.

Here’s an easy one – check all the faucets and make sure they’re working correctly. Turn each on and off each faucet. Check for ease of use and any leaks at the faucet itself, plus along the line until it disappears into the wall. If the faucet is hard to open and close, this may signal imminent failure.

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