In the winter, the indoor air becomes unpleasantly dry, leading to itchy skin, dry nasal passages, and increased allergies. The best way to eliminate these problems is with a whole-house humidifier. This device works in tandem with your furnace, moistening the air that the fan pumps through ductwork and into each room. Whether you’re looking to get rid of annoying static electricity, protect the wood in your home, make your indoor air feel warmer, or help decrease physical discomfort, here are the seven steps to complete the process of adding a whole-house humidifier to your New Jersey home.

  1. Choose the right humidifying capacity: Whole-house humidifiers are easy to size since you simply need to select a unit that can effectively serve the right square footage.
  2. Consider different technology: Ultrasonic, impeller, evaporative, flow-through, and steam vaporizer technology are a few examples of the technologies you need to choose between. Work with your provider to help determine which one is the best option for your home.
  3. Read reviews: Doing your research is a great way to learn which types of humidifiers people in your situation have had success with.
  4. Look for a built-in humidistat: These measure and monitors humidity levels so you can customize the amount of moisture the whole-house humidifier adds to the air. Make sure the gauge is easy to read and operate so you can maintain the ideal 30 to 50 percent humidity at all times.
  5. Check maintenance requirements: If you don’t want to worry about your whole-house humidifier much during the winter, choose a unit with minimal maintenance requirements. Learn the methods for refilling the reservoir and any filters or special cleaning supplies you need.
  6. Ask about installation: While console units that serve a room or two are easy to set up yourself, whole-house, in-duct systems require professional installation and are a far better way of humidifying a home.
  7. Make sure the unit fits in your mechanical room: The unit’s physical size is important to consider as well, since it needs to fit within the space you have available. This includes height, width, and depth.

For more information about selecting and installing a whole-house humidifier in your northern New Jersey home, please contact the professionals at Pipe Works Services

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