If your old furnace has been unreliable, inefficient, or too expensive to operate, it’s probably time to invest in a new one. Here’s a quick guide to buying a furnace that will give you excellent home comfort for many years to come.

The basics:

Fuel type: You’ll probably want a furnace that uses the same type of fuel as your current heating system. However, that’s not necessarily the case. Ask your trusted local HVAC contractor for advice on your options.

Efficiency: You’ll want a furnace that produces the most heat for the least cost. Look for a furnace with an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) of 90 percent or higher to get the best efficiency.

Size: Your new furnace must be the right size for your home. Buying a furnace that’s too small or too large wastes fuel and money. Your HVAC contractor can do a heating load calculation to help you find a furnace that is correctly sized for your needs.

Safety: Fuel-burning furnaces produce harmful exhaust gases such as carbon monoxide. Make sure your new furnace is as safe as possible and that its ventilation system carries harmful gases and fumes safely outside the house.

System enhancements:

Programmable thermostat: Digital programmable thermostats give you excellent control over the operation of your furnace. Automated operation through set points and other features gives you the best comfort for the most economical price.

Dual heat exchangers: A unit with a second heat exchanger draws additional heat from the system’s exhaust gases, dramatically improving efficiency.

Variable-speed blowers: A variable-speed blower saves energy by reducing its operating level when you need less heating. It provides more even heating and better air filtration since it runs at a lower speed nearly continuously.

Contractors: Usually, the HVAC source you buy your furnace from will also be the installer. Make sure your contractor is qualified, licensed, and competent to install and service furnaces. Check references and get written quotes for the installation work.

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