Imagine if this happens in the middle of the night! You might think someone is trying to break into your home. This is a lesson in the difference between nails and screws. It may take years for the nails to come loose but eventually, you will find your ductwork on the floor if it’s nailed into a ceiling. The first thing you might notice is a vibration with noise when your AC or heat kicks in. As time goes on this rattling and vibration will loosen the nails. It might even be a good idea when buying a home to ask your home inspector if they check for this. If you have ductwork in your home, take a moment and inspect this for yourself. There should be metal straps holding the ducts to the ceiling. If you see a flat nail head, then you know today is a good day to stop a potential nightmare. Get out your fully charged drill and put some screws in the straps.

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