What goes up…needs to come down!
While most of our work is residential plumbing, we do embrace the opportunity for a commercial job. We had an opportunity to bid on a job for Anheuser Busch in Newark, New Jersey recently and we were approved. First, we all had to attend a safety class with Facilities Manager, Tim Zakresky and then take a quick test afterward. These guys have very strict safety standards and a great safety track record as a result. Additionally, A.B. is very energy conscious. During the beer-making process, there is an enzyme that puts off methane gas, A.B. harnesses this by burning it for energy. There is no gum chewing and of course, no smoking allowed. At Pipe Works Services, we also have many safety training sessions, so we take these restrictions to heart.
This is what you see upon entering the lobby. A nice tribute to our military. They also have plaques for their work with New Jersey Clean Communities (more info here)
We also all need steel toes shoes, and not so surprising I don’t own a pair. I was given these rubber galoshes with steel toes over my shoes. I was safer but this on top of a hard hat, safety glasses, and a neon yellow vest was a no photos please moment. Plumbing and fashion do not intersect at any time ever!
Our job was inside this building near the letter B on the 4th floor.
Loading some of our equipment into the building.
Mike G. wheeled the Stinger machine into the building. This machine steam heats the Perma-Lining that is inserted into the broken pipe to make it hard like concrete and seals the pipe. One of the most interesting practices at Anheuser Busch is that they clean the water before they send it into the sewer system. That is a pretty courteous practice.

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