Annual service from your HVAC contractor will result in reduced cooling bills and longer service life for your home’s air conditioner. Like any other mechanical device, your A/C’s performance can benefit greatly from routine annual service. Without it, the air conditioner takes more energy to run and may fail when you most need it. Staying on top of your air conditioner’s maintenance involves keeping the parts inside the system clean and properly adjusted and replacing components that are starting to fail.

Accumulations of dirt and dust lower efficiency. While you should check the air filter for the blower monthly and change it when it’s dirty, many of the other parts are hard to access, adjust and clean without the training and tools of a skilled HVAC technician. The technician will remove the accumulated dirt from both the air handler and the outdoor condenser, which helps the evaporator coil in the air handler remove heat from your home and the condenser coils dissipate it.

Cleaning the electrical components increases the flow of power to the system, which keeps it running efficiently. The drain pans and drainpipe for the air conditioner may need cleaning, as well, helping to avoid water damage from a clogged drain.

The service visit will include airflow testing, which will spot ductwork leaks that lower indoor air quality and increase energy bills. The technician will check your A/C’s refrigerant level during annual service and add to the charge if it’s low. He’ll also look for leaks if the level is low since unless it’s leaking, the system should have the same amount of refrigerant as when it was installed. Leaking refrigerant can wreak havoc on the performance of your air conditioner and may cause it to stop running altogether. Sometimes the belts for the motors need adjusting, since they stretch as they turn, and the motors will need oiling. Technicians also use meters to test the amperage draws, which will identify the early stages of part failure.

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