Do you hear spooky noises from the attic? That banging you are hearing is most likely not your dead relatives trying to get your attention. I would bet that the noise is your leaky ductwork (not duck work). If it is your dead relative, they would want you to Spray Foam your ductwork because it is so loud it’s waking the dead! Spray-foaming the ductwork not only creates a blissful silence but also saves on utility bills and makes your AC and heating unit last longer because it doesn’t have to work so hard. You know what they say “work smarter not harder” that applies here!

This is a before shot of a customer’s attic we did this week
Here are some before and after-(below) The silence is deafening!
For 2-inch-thick spray foam, you are talking about an R-Value of 13. If you are using the old pink fiberglass insulation, is it half of the R-value and does not air seal your ducts?
Additionally, you can see how the tube-shaped ductwork is connected to the trunk-line metal ducts. That connection is now airtight!

Even after the foam dries you can cut it open if needed, then re-spray and keep the same R-Value. Spray foam is a closed-cell application. What does that mean? More details.

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