With the summer coming on fast, you may already be thinking about how you’re going to beat the heat and humidity. After all, what feels better than coming home after a hard day of work and relaxing in the cool air circulating about your humble abode? The question you may not be pondering is the amount of energy loss going on inside your home. Energy loss equals higher utility costs.

Even though our economy is on the mend that doesn’t mean we can afford to throw away hard-earned money on higher utility bills. Scheduling an appointment with a reputable HVAC company to conduct an energy audit before summer arrives is a good way to get a head start on potential savings.

An HVAC professional should follow these U.S. Department of Energy guidelines when inspecting and testing your home for energy loss:

Insulation – The technician should inspect the insulation in your home to ensure that it is sufficient enough.

Ductwork – Air leaking out of your ductwork into the attic is an expensive source of energy loss. By sealing those leaks, cool air will flow into your home, and not your attic.

Blower Door Test – This is an important test to find air leaks in even the smallest of crevices in your home. A test unit is temporarily installed on the exterior door of your home to create a low-pressure environment while drawing air from the interior. A “smoke pencil” or thermographic imaging test is then performed to find air leaks.

Thermographic Imaging – This high-tech tool is used to seek out surface temperature variations on the interior of your living space and the outer envelope of your home. Darker images usually will indicate where cool air is escaping.

So before summer gets here when service calls are at a premium, consider scheduling a complete energy audit with a reputable contractor.

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