We recently attended the two-day 2018 Lennox Live Convention at Foxwood’s Casino and Resort. One of the coolest technology innovations for repair services was augmented reality software. Mike our Service Manager is trying the headset that allows you to see an air conditioning unit in 3-D that does not exist. It was funny to watch him bend over and fix a non-existent unit in the middle of a trade show. The opportunity to monitor and train new technicians with this will save us money and time. This will also attract the “gamer” generation who will love the idea. The other upside is more experienced repair people can walk them through a repair. This means less follow-up and less time. We all know that time is money, therefore saving the customer on billable hours of work. This is in development, and we will be using it!


Before we left for the show our new temporary tattoos arrived. I found so many great places to brand our company. By day two people were asking us “Hey aren’t you guys the ones with the tattoos?” Mission accomplished!


As Lennox Premier dealers we were treated to a night of food, bowling, and pool. Let’s just say our plumbing skills are way better than our pool and bowling skills.

Team Building

Education and training are important to our success and ability to grow in our industry. As technology changes, it provides us with new tools to serve our customers more efficiently. A trip like this can create magic from within. One of the side benefits of the trip was team bonding. Communication is the key to success at every level. When we have each other’s backs, then we always have your back!

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