I don’t know about you guys, but I am done! I googled the weather just now and then shouted out in the office “Hey here is a new one a Double Storm!” Being a New Jersey resident, you are accustomed to “keeping a sense of humor” in your back pocket. Even for the tougher Jersey-ians in late March, another snow slaughter will make a grown man cry. Would it be easier to process if I told you Spring Break is around the corner? I am going to gently tell you that the first round on Tuesday is a mix of rain and sleet, I knew you would LOVE that! Then Wednesday a special treat of 6 inches of snow will arrive at your doorstep. The one consolation is that we are not alone, as seen by the above map. One positive thing is that you live in a state that has the equipment to clear the roads. If you have ever been witnessing a snowstorm anywhere south of Maryland, then you know what I mean.

Just know that if you need anything, we are here for you 24/7. Much like the postal system, we show up in the rain, sleet, and snow! If your pipes freeze, we bring the heat. If your power goes out, we can hook you up to #Generator. In the meantime, run to the store and buy milk and bread or keep your sense of humor.

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