This is Mike Tapia, our Service Manager at Pipe Works Services. Mike started 15 years ago as a technician and worked his way up, earning the title of Master Plumber. I work closely with Mike on customer service and online reviews. From the very first day working here, it was very apparent that his personality lit up the office. He is always happy and greets everyone by name early in the AM (he doesn’t even drink coffee). It makes him great at his job as the forward-facing contact for our clients. He is dependable and a great problem solver.

Mike is like an ER doctor; he is always ON! Since we have 24/7 emergency service Mike plays the part of the surgeon when your AC or heat needs resuscitation. I am not sure if Mike’s love of soccer is about soccer as much as it is about staying in shape for the rough busy times at Pipe Works Services. He assembles the team and dispatches your EMT (Emergency Miracle Technician). When your AC is not working, people love you if you fix it! You will never see Mike without his aluminum bottle. I know he is near just by the clanging of his water bottle.

If you are dieting and hungry do not talk to Mike about food and restaurants. He will get you good with a chicken cheese steak story (myself included). He also has a secret pizza place every Friday for dinner. He is a proud father to his son and daughter, who he adores. I also think one of the reasons that Mike is happy every day has a lot to do with the fact he is head over heels in love with his wife Maria.

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