As a homeowner who wants to save on heating bills this winter, you’ll want to take steps for boosting furnace efficiency by working with an HVAC professional to get more from your system. These steps will help your system work more efficiently:

  • Use a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat saves energy because it automatically adjusts the temperatures based on your programming. The device can be set to fit the home’s occupancy patterns, employing energy-saving temperature setbacks when you’re at work or asleep. Smart thermostats work with the Internet or smartphones, giving you more flexibility for controlling the temperature remotely. This type is the most user-friendly of programmable thermostats.
  • Make lower fan adjustments. Your HVAC contractor can adjust the blower fan so that it turns on a little earlier than its factory settings and runs a bit longer once the burner shuts off. It minimizes the amount of heat lost up the flue. Instead, the fan can turn on at 120 degrees instead of 151 degrees F. The fan will shut off when the burner temperature falls to 90 degrees. The air initially won’t feel as warm when the furnace first starts, but you will save energy by making this adjustment.
    The integrity of your home’s ductwork goes a long way toward managing heating costs and having them checked will reduce those costs.
  • Duct sealing. Leaks in ductwork can occur at any time. HVAC contractors can measure the amount of leakage occurring in your ducts and take steps to seal them. They use durable materials such as mastic and metal tape to assure long-term ductwork integrity.
  • Duct insulation. Any ducts that run through an unconditioned space, like your attic, need to have insulation inside or around them. They should have an R-value of 8, which theoretically means that they can resist temperature change for eight hours. Thermal losses in uninsulated ducts can be substantial, especially during exceptionally cold weather, and insulating them is a long-term way for boosting furnace efficiency.

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