If you ever wanted to know what the actual steps to sewer repair and pipelining this article is for you!

Our technicians arrived on site to excavate a hole next to the curb key out in the front yard once we expose the existing curb key and excavated a hole approximately 4 1/2 feet deep.

We then drilled through the foundation next to the water meter inside the basement and drilled a hole to shoot a bullet approximately 25 feet. Once we shot the bullet successfully, we then make all the necessary connections at the curb box.

Then we made all the necessary connections inside and installed a new PRV valve with an expansion tank and a new shut-off valve. Then our technicians pressure-tested the line to make sure it was working properly. If no leaks are detected, then we back-fill with existing spoils and reinstalled the concrete slab. Our crew power-washed the sidewalk. During our investigation we found a 25 ft galvanized water service to the home that appears to be leaking under the ground and the water was turned off by the water company.

Pipe Works Services excavated a trench 4 feet deep around the curb box at the front of the home. We used a saw to cut the sidewalk and replaced it as needed. Pipe Works Services shot the bullet underground trenchless technology from the basement to the curb box. We backfilled the areas excavated and installed grass seed and hay. Pipe Works Services also calls for all utility mark outs.

The best part is we don’t have to dig up your entire front yard!

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