With the great number of advancements in HVAC technologies in recent years, building a new home or redoing the old presents an opportunity to upgrade, update, and redefine your standard of comfort and home efficiency. While deciding upon the best home heating system for your project may take patience and homework, the rewards are lasting.

Back to School: Intro to Home Heating

Based on experiences regarding the costs and comfort of home heating, you may be considering the latest design improvements in your current system, or you may be looking into new types of heating systems altogether. Also, consider which system type is best for your project.

  • Is a forced-air system better, or would radiant heating deliver greater comfort while saving valuable square footage?
  • How important is indoor air quality regarding humidity management and air filtration?
  • How does home cooling factor into home heating choices?
  • What is the best long-term energy source?

Heating Systems

The following are heating system types popular in our region that you may be considering:

  • Gas furnace: Many homeowners are changing from oil furnaces and boilers to natural gas or propane furnaces. High-efficiency gas furnaces offer greater comfort control with variable-speed combustion and airflow, and operation is safer with sealed venting.
  • Dual-fuel hybrid: For maximum heating efficiency and a built-in cooling system, you may consider a hybrid furnace and heat pump combination.
  • Radiant: Radiant heating comfortably transfers heat to furnishings, structures, and occupants via piped installed in the floor or wall panels. For energy savings and maximum comfort, make sure your new system offers zoned temperature control.
  • Add-ons: If you choose a forced-air system, whether furnace and central A/C or dual-fuel hybrid, ask your HVAC professional about whole-home humidification, air filtration, and zoning for superior comfort, efficiency, and indoor air quality. If you choose radiant heating, home cooling and year-round ventilation may be best achieved by installing ductless cooling and heat-recovery ventilation.

For a successful heating system installation for your new home or a redo project, trust the professionals at Pipe Works Services.

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