If your attic is hot enough in the summer to bake a cake, we need to talk! If you are storing valuables in that attic, take care to make sure they are not temperature sensitive. If they are we can make the changes to your attic insulation to keep your energy costs lower and your family heirlooms safe.

Like most attics, you may have older fiberglass insulation. Fiberglass insulation attracts bugs and other pests that like making nests in it. Another more worrisome aspect is the health component of fiberglass insulation. These tiny glass fibers and formaldehyde are pumped through your heating and cooling system every day. This is a home in Lake Hopatcong, NJ that we transformed recently. In addition to the SilverGlo, we also installed and dense packed TruSoft in the decking (between floor and ceiling).

Our Super Attic advanced conversion systems with SilverGlo are installed across roof rafters, knee-wall, and gables. The masonry chimney wrap is prepared behind the fireplace for air sealing and insulation by sealing with fire caulk and wrapping with ProWool boards.

This crawl space will now be clean, safe, and temperature-controlled all year round.

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