Radiant heating systems provide homeowners with an extremely effective alternative to traditional furnaces and heat pumps. They consist of a series of pipes embedded in your floor or wall. Heated water or some other solution circulates through these pipes. The heat radiates into the room and rises, providing consistent levels of heat over a relatively large area.

If you have a new radiant system in your home, you’ll want to choose a floor covering that allows the effective transmission of heat.

Ceramic tile and stone: Ceramic tile or stone flooring is probably the best material to use with a radiant floor heating system. These materials are relatively thin and tough, but they also provide excellent heat transfer. A radiant system ensures tile and stone flooring is warm to the touch of bare feet.

Laminate flooring: The multiple layers of engineered or laminated flooring transfer heat more easily than single-layer hardwood, which makes this flooring a good choice.

Traditional hardwood: Depending on the species of trees used, traditional hardwood flooring can be a good option for radiant systems. Plank size and thickness, plus the date of installation, can also affect how well a hardwood floor will work with your new radiant system.

Carpet and rugs: Carpets and area rugs can work well with a radiant heating system but remember that thicker carpets will cut down on heat transfer and reduce the effectiveness of heating. Relatively thin non-plush carpets with thin padding will usually work the best.

Vinyl: Vinyl flooring is a good choice for use with radiant floor heating. The material conducts heat very well and does not expand and contract too much.

Linoleum: Linoleum transfers heat well but can be difficult to install properly because of how it can be affected by moisture in underlying concrete. Linoleum also tends to expand and contract considerably, which makes it unsuitable for use in a large area.

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