Indoor temperature control is an important part of your home comfort, but you don’t want to waste money on unnecessary heating or cooling when you’re not there. That’s why a programmable thermostat is such an attractive tool.

A programmable thermostat will provide considerable energy savings and benefit your budget, but not all models are the same.

  • The most inexpensive Energy Star-certified programmable thermostat will typically offer four settings: for when you wake up, leave for the day, return and go to sleep, for both weekdays and weekends. Also, look for an override feature so you can easily adjust the temperature on days when schedules change.
  • A “smart” model will allow you to program for each day of the week. You may also find a thermostat with vacation settings and a single button “hold temperature” setting. Some more sophisticated thermostats offer six programs a day.
  • A programmable thermostat with an advanced recovery feature will bring your home to the desired temperature as economically as possible. It keeps tabs on indoor and outdoor temperatures and humidity and gradually helps your HVAC system meet temperature settings, typically over hours, to avoid a sudden large shift in temperature.

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