There is only one thing more disruptive than a broken sewer line in your home, and that is a business. When people are relying on commercial space to generate their income, time is crucial as well as appearance. The visual of a business under construction can affect your daily income and start rumors of closure in a small community. Pipe Works Services has a solution for this dilemma, it’s called Pipe Lining.

This commercial space was home to more than one small business and digging up a cement floor to access a long sewer line that ran the entire length of the building. One of these customers was a kitchen and bath showroom. NOT good for business. Additionally, this job would have shut down the showroom for at least 4-5 days.

These photos are from this job and as you can see the minimal mess and be performed in one day. Tenants stay profitable and pay rent on time, which results in a happy landlord. Everyone wins.

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