A humid home can be very uncomfortable for you and your loved ones. To make matters worse, a humid home tends to harbor mold growth, which is a common moisture-related health and property issue. You may even be spending more on utilities to stay comfortable during the cooling months. If an upgrade to your home comfort is long overdue, explore the benefits of dehumidification.

Whole-house or portable?

Whole-house dehumidifiers reach every part of your home for complete coverage and comfort. In contrast, portable units are only capable of dehumidifying a single room, or a specific area, such as a damp basement. Whole-house dehumidifiers work automatically, just like a forced-air heating and cooling system. Whole-house dehumidifiers utilize the same ductwork and air circulation. Or you may opt for a self-powered model. The whole-house model is tied to the plumbing line, so there is no bothersome chore of checking the water daily, as with portable single-room dehumidifiers. Once installed, you can set the humidistat on the whole-house system and relax.

Here are some of the benefits of whole-house dehumidification that portable units can’t offer:

  • Lowers the entire home’s humidity levels, which impedes the spread and growth of dust mites, black mold, and many viruses and bacteria.
  • Provides healthier indoor air quality for loved ones suffering from respiratory issues, including asthma and allergies.
  • Helps prevent condensation on windows, pipes, and other structures that can leave water stains or cause water damage to building structures.
  • Preserves furnishings, important personal items, and anything else susceptible to damage from too much moisture exposure.
  • By using a whole-house dehumidifier, your indoor air will feel cooler, allowing you to turn up the thermostat and save energy.

For dehumidifying smaller areas, a portable dehumidifier should suffice, and it is less expensive than a whole-house system. However, to harness all benefits for health, comfort, property protection, and energy savings, whole-house dehumidification is the way to go.

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