When a crack appears in your toilet, your first reaction may be to panic. However, for smaller cracks in certain areas, it may not pose a major problem. If the crack is above the water level of the bowl, it may not even need to be addressed, as long as it doesn’t get bigger.

Taking a picture of the crack as it looks now is a good way to determine if the crack is growing larger over time. Place a small object – perhaps a paper clip – next to the crack so the dimensions are clear in the photo. If the toilet is leaking, but you’re not sure whether it’s cracked, check all the seals between the tank and bowl before proceeding. If there is a crack, you may be able to use a porcelain sealant to repair the damage. This requires draining the tank and fully drying all surfaces before doing any work and will take several days to fully set. This means several days without using that toilet.

For a more serious cracked toilet, a replacement is mandatory. Certain cracks will only get worse and will not respond to sealants or other attempts at maintenance. However, in many situations, only a certified plumber can make the distinction. Having an experienced contractor take a look will help you decide how to move forward. Remember that one of the major causes of a cracked toilet is over-tightening the bolts during installation or even when tightening the handle. If you choose to replace your toilet yourself, carefully secure it without causing damage. It may be best to hire a professional to do the installation for you.

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