Summer or winter, spring or fall, energy consumption can be reduced, and with it, your monthly energy bills. Here are some practical tips for inexpensive ways to cut your energy consumption throughout your home.

Turn down the thermostat. Set your thermostat to 68 degrees to help keep energy costs down while still producing an acceptable level of comfort. Upgrade the thermostat. Install one or more programmable thermostats to give yourself greater control over the operation and efficiency of your HVAC system.

Find and seal air leaks. Locate and plug costly air and energy leaks in your roof, crawl spaces, chimneys, wall penetrations, HVAC system ductwork, and areas where the house frame contacts the foundation or attic floor. Use mastic or metal tape to seal ductwork connections.

Maintain your H, VAC system. A well-maintained furnace or air conditioner runs much more efficiently and at a lower cost. Schedule a professional preventive maintenance inspection and tune-up for your heating and cooling equipment before every season.

Change your HVAC air filters. Clean filters are necessary to maintain HVAC system performance and efficiency. Check filters every month and change them if they get dirty. Otherwise, change filters every three months as part of routine maintenance.

Use environmental heating. Open your curtains to let in more sunshine to help heat your home in the cool seasons.

Use ceiling fans. In summer, use ceiling fans to direct cooling air drafts downward into the room. Reverse the rotation of your ceiling fans in winter to direct air upward, which will help break up and circulate warm air that rises and accumulates near the ceiling.

Conserve hot water. Take shorter showers and lower the hot water temperature to 120 degrees. Install low-flow fixtures to reduce water consumption.

Turn off or unplug. Shut off lights, electronics, televisions, computers, or other energy-consuming equipment when you’re not using it. Unplug these devices to prevent standby energy loss.

Go high efficiency. Where possible, use high-efficiency Energy Star-certified appliances and HVAC equipment.

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