Getting a furnace inspection every fall is an important part of maintaining one of the most important systems in your home. But in some years, cold weather sneaks up on you before you know it, and you don’t manage to get your furnace inspected in time. However, if you didn’t get your annual fall furnace inspection, that doesn’t mean it’s too late and that you should postpone it until next year. Here are some very good reasons to get your furnace inspection done right away.

Avoid Emergencies Some years have particularly harsh winters, and this is one of them so far. The last thing you would want amid deep freeze temperatures is for your furnace to stop working. Furnace emergencies are unfortunately common during our cold New Jersey winters. This is why it’s a good idea to have an inspection and make sure everything is in good working order to prevent those problems from happening to you.

Improve Efficiency Even if your furnace is still running, that doesn’t mean that it’s doing so at maximum efficiency. An inefficiently running furnace can leave you stuck with high utility bills during a harsh winter. Another benefit of a professional furnace evaluation is that we can check on how efficiently your furnace is functioning and recommend improvements that may ultimately save you money. Finally, a well-maintained furnace will last much longer than one that’s been neglected. This is the rule with any sort of machinery, and HVAC equipment is no different.

Plan Replacement Knowing that you need to replace your furnace is not the kind of situation where you want to be suddenly surprised. A furnace inspection can let you know that replacing your furnace may be imminent so that you can plan and prepare for it. When it comes a time that buying a new furnace is necessary, we can help you decide which type of furnace would be best for your needs and provide professional installation as well. A properly maintained furnace will ensure that you stay warm all winter long and will help you keep your utility bills as low as possible.

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