The images you are looking at are of a dirty A-frame coil, about 7 years old. Notice around the edges you see black spots, this is mold. All of this dirt and mold is being circulated into your home via your ductwork. It’s important to maintain and clean your HVAC system at least twice a year. One for heating and one for cooling, call us to schedule.

In addition to breathing in this bad air, this is bad for your HVAC unit’s health. The clogged coils block the airflow and put stress on the system causing it to work harder. You are aging the unit and decreasing its efficiency. If your coils look like this, you are decreasing your airflow by 20-40%. One of the things we do to kill the mold inside the coils is to turn on a UV light for a short period. If you are an allergy sufferer, then you may be making your life more miserable. Your home should be your sanctuary away from allergens in the spring. A clean airflow in your home will make spring more pleasant for everyone.

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