The amount you pay for energy every month is directly related to home energy efficiency. A dwelling with numerous air leaks, poor insulation, or unsealed HVAC ducts can waste significant amounts of energy and money.

To help you find out how much energy your household needs and how much it uses, conduct a home energy evaluation using the Home Energy Yardstick. The Home Energy Yardstick is a free online tool offered by the Energy Star program, a collaboration between the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Among its many services, Energy Star provides information and advocacy that encourages responsible energy use and conservation.

The Home Energy Yardstick is one component of the program’s educational mission. The Yardstick lets you calculate your home’s energy expenditures and compare them with similar households in communities across the country. With the information provided, you can determine if your energy use is higher or lower than average. It will tell you if your energy usage is high, which gives you a useful starting point in your energy conservation and savings efforts.

To use the Home Energy Yardstick, you will need:

Energy costs and usage data from the 12 previous months. You can find this information in your energy bills or get a summary from your utility company.

The type of energy source you use–fuel oil, electricity, propane, or natural gas

Your home’s size in square feet

Enter this information in the appropriate fields in Yardstick’s online form. Other information will also be needed, such as your zip code, number of residents, and energy cost and consumption totals. When this information is submitted, you’ll receive in return a rating of your home’s comparative energy use, plus suggestions for improving home energy efficiency.

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