If there ever was a nightmare situation in home ownership, it’s called a “Fatberg”. Pipe Works Services was on CBS News and NJ 101.5 radio for a feature about a Chatham, NJ resident, who had 16 inches raw sewage flood the basement of her home. The sewage gushed up through her toilet and sink in the basement bathroom costing her $50,000 in damages.

There are 2 things you can do to protect yourself in this disaster. The first thing is to make sure there is a rider on your homeowner’s insurance to cover damages. The second thing is to call us to place a check valve that can block the backup before it starts to flood your basement. If you have a bathroom in your basement this makes your chances higher for this fatberg disaster. Unfortunately, the fatberg is unpredictable, and even with a video camera inspection not detectable in advance.

This is your good old-fashioned example of bad luck. So now you have the power to be preventative! Last week I added coverage to my homeowner’s insurance.

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