The insulation in your home helps to keep outdoor air from getting inside the home and keeps the desired air from escaping your home. There’s another application for insulation in your home, it’s duct insulation. This is a topic you should be discussing, especially during the cold winter months.

Ductwork insulation ensures that air traveling through the ductwork will stay at the desired temperature, without leaking. Leaks will result in unnecessary energy loss, requiring your HVAC to work harder. An overworked system means higher energy bills and increasing your carbon footprint. It doesn’t matter how energy efficient your furnace or air conditioning is if the air ducts don’t properly distribute the cooled or heated air.

Here are three tips to help determine if you have air duct leaks.

  • Rooms that are difficult to heat or cool. A room that’s not cooling or heating properly could mean that the air ducts aren’t transporting air properly to the rooms.
  • Dusty rooms after turning on your air conditioner. Do you get dust, dirt, and other contaminants get sucked into your air ducts? This is a sign there are leaks, which could be polluting your home, and causing allergies to kick in.
  • High utility bills will result from the inefficiency if your air ducts can’t transport air properly. More energy means more money.

What can you do to resolve your problem?

  • Lowers energy bills: During warmer months, the cooled air inside ducts will pick up extra heat, which forces the air conditioner to work longer and raises your energy bills. Insulation will slow down the movement, saving energy.
  • More comfortable: Properly distributed air creates optimal temperatures while keeping unwanted temperatures from infiltrating your home causing your allergies to kick in.
  • Stops condensation: Drastic changes in temperature along ducts can result in condensation, which can damage the ducts, Insulation will prevent this. While helping in the prevention of mold.
  • Lowers noise: Annoying popping sounds may be unsettling for you from poor duct insulation. The insulation acts as a sound barrier resulting in a more peaceful home. Looking for a Duct Work insulation estimate?

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