(Cell Foam Insulation)

Pipe Works Services has a solution to your energy loss with the application of blown-in insulation and 1 inch of closed-cell foam insulation. Your ducts have a lot of gaps and holes that can leak into your attic when the air handler is off. Additionally, these leaks become more powerful when the air handler is on. We can seal and insulate your ducts right over your existing insulation with our 1-inch cell foam insulation. Not only does Tight ‘n True Foam Duct Encapsulation have a superior R-value per inch, but it also recovers some insulation value for the existing insulation. Ducts are too poorly insulated with fiberglass insulation as air can pass through them easily. In the heat of summer, your attic crawl space can hit 125 degrees in summer and 30 degrees in winter, even with a ventilation fan. This causes your heating and cooling system to work overtime, which costs you more money.

Remodeling Magazine – Cost v. Value Report 2017

“Adding insulation to the attic provides the best return of any home improvement project. It’s the only project where the average value at the resale tops the average cost.”

The cost regained by attic insulation is 108%

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