Pipe Works Services is very proud of our military and the sacrifices they make for our country. We are always looking to hire local heroes with the skill set for HVAC and Plumbing. Candidates with a military background tend to be disciplined and show great commitment. We recently hired Carvel who is an 18-year Army veteran who performed many tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Carvel was a mechanic in the Army. Imagine trying to fix engines and helicopters while you are under that kind of pressure. I think he will be able to keep his cool in suburbia when your furnace or air conditioning is not working. He is always smiling and moving to help his co-workers and serve our customers. He came to Pipe Works Services after finishing an HVAC certification program and now he will receive hands-on training working with our experienced installation crew. We wish him the best and hope that other veteran will also consider us as potential employers.

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