If you have ever owned a home with a crawl space, you know how difficult temperature control is in the rooms above it. Did you also know that the moisture from the earth can also cause mold to grow as well? A healthy home is as important as a comfortable home. To get control over the temperature issue, insulation is the solution. Spray Foam on rim joists and open walls exposed to the elements will make a huge difference. To create a healthier crawl space laying down waterproof matting will keep moisture and bugs to a minimum. The old-school pink fiberglass insulation is not very effective and also contains formaldehyde. Keeping the good air in and the bad air out is the idea! Spray foaming the ductwork not only helps in retaining the air temperature within but also seals the leaks and holes that almost ductwork work contains. If you want to take control of your crawl space, give us a call for a free estimate at (973) 657-5771.

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