Most of us would like to save energy by making our homes more efficient, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin. Advice which might be helpful in one part of the country isn’t always relevant to householders in New Jersey. Fortunately, help is at hand.

Energy Star’s Advisor is a free Web-based tool that offers recommendations for energy efficiency upgrades and projects. It’s very simple to use — just input some basic details about your home and follow the options on the screen to find out how you can make your home more energy efficient.

Location and basic details

To start using the advisor, you’ll need to answer some basic questions about your home:

  • What is your ZIP code?
  • How do you cool your home?
  • How do you heat your home?
  • What type of water heater do you have?

Enter your ZIP code in the text field for the first question, then answer the others by selecting options from the drop-down menus. Click the Submit button.

  • Select a recommendation

Based on the information you provided, you’ll be given a customized list of recommended home improvement projects such as “Install a programmable thermostat” or “Add more insulation to your home.” Select an option from the list to read a short overview or click “Expand all” to see summaries for all the options. These summaries include relevant Energy Star standards and suggestions for your next step (such as finding a contractor in your area who can undertake the recommended project).

  • Download resources

Some recommendations have links to downloadable guides and fact sheets in PDF format. Read these by clicking the link or save them to read later by right-clicking and choosing the “Save Link As…” option.

  • Learn more

Each recommendation has a “Learn more” button. Clicking this takes you to a page with further information and links to more in-depth resources.

To find out more about making your Northern New Jersey home more energy efficient, or discuss any of the projects recommended by Energy Star’s advisor, contact Pipe Works Services today

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