If you have home electronics you leave continuously plugged in, chances are you have energy vampires lurking in your New Jersey home. These little suckers earned their name from their tendency to drain electricity while in standby mode and not doing anything useful. Depending on how many you have, these electronics could be responsible for around 10 percent of your electricity use. Taking a few simple steps to deactivate your energy vampires will help lower your electricity bills throughout the year.

Stop the leaks. Unplug any home electronics you don’t use often, including cell phone and battery chargers, power adapters, and other small items. For small appliances like coffee makers and microwaves, just turning off the clock saves energy.

When you take a break from your computer, set it to hibernate rather than just leave it. Change the settings to allow standby and hibernate to work whether you’re running from the battery or AC power. If your computer and peripheral devices have Energy Star power management settings, make sure they’re enabled.

Use power strips wisely. Use a power strip to turn off multiple devices at once without having to unplug them. Switching off the power strip completely cuts the power supply to all the devices. Try using one for your computers and related equipment like your printer, and another for entertainment devices like your TV and stereo. For more convenience, get a smart strip, which detects when a device goes into standby mode and cuts the power supply to stop the device from sucking electricity.

Choose electronics with the Energy Star logo. When you’re ready to replace a device or appliance, choose an Energy Star-qualified product. This is especially important for large appliances like refrigerators, ovens, and washing machines that are always plugged in.

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