Your home is supposed to be a place where you can feel both safe and comfortable. We’re very careful to limit any accident or injury-causing situations that can spring up in our homes, but oftentimes, we aren’t aware of the hidden dangers in the air we breathe. You can enjoy a healthier home environment by implementing the following maintenance tips.

Ensure your home has proper ventilation and a vapor barrier: To have healthy indoor air, there must be a way to replace stale air with fresh air from outdoors. While it’s possible to open your windows to create an air exchange source, our Northern New Jersey weather may not make this a viable option every day.

You may consider installing a whole-home ventilation system to ensure ample air circulation. A vapor barrier that’s properly installed can also help reduce radon gas from entering your home while limiting water damage that can cause mold.

Purchase quality air filters and change them regularly:
We rely on our HVAC equipment a lot in New Jersey because it’s responsible for circulating air throughout our homes more often than not. The air filters in these systems are our first line of defense when creating a healthier home environment, so quality, clean filters are very important.

Carbon monoxide can be deadly: We often associate carbon monoxide with our vehicles, when in fact, it can be produced by any fuel-burning equipment, such as stoves, dryers, and barbecue grills. Carbon monoxide detectors are vital for identifying this gas, as it’s both odorless and deadly. You should also ensure that there are no leaks near an attached garage.

Pipe Works Services can provide expert service to help you create a healthier home environment. Our professional team can diagnose any problems that exist in your Northern New Jersey home and provide you with solutions that are guaranteed to help.

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