Whether it’s a simple do-it-yourself task or a challenging project that pushes your inventiveness, patience, and skills, there’s something very gratifying about completing a home-improvement project in your own home. However, for many time-tested, sound, and sane reasons, putting in a furnace yourself should be marked on your better-not-try-that-or-I’ll-be-sorry list.

Putting in a furnace As a homeowner, the most important task at hand for purchasing and installing a new furnace is choosing a reputable HVAC company. These are the basic steps, and the planning involved your HVAC professional follows for putting in a furnace. Your HVAC pro should perform a room-by-room heat/gain loss measurement of your home to ensure your new furnace is correctly sized based on your home’s heating needs, not simply based on the size of your old furnace. In addition to valid EPA certification, specialized tools are needed to connect the new furnace A/C coils (if equipped) to your central air conditioner and reclaim and charge refrigerant. The size and shape of your new furnace may be different from the old one. Duct modifications may be to connect to your new furnace. Plumbing skills, tools, and techniques are needed to custom-fit natural gas, oil, or propane connections. Sidewall venting may be most suited for your home and furnace. New sealed ventilation and fuel combustion systems of high-efficiency furnaces require the skill and know-how of a professional for safe installation, especially when you consider the dangers of back-drafting. Most manufacturer installation specifications for new high-efficiency furnaces must be followed to the letter, including sidewall or chimney ventilation and venting, or the warranty is void.

A reputable HVAC company will ensure all permits, codes, and inspections are met promptly. With safety, energy efficiency, and more at stake, putting in a furnace is one home-improvement project better left to a professional.

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