Lennox® is proud to introduce its new community program, Feel the Love™. Formerly known as Heat UP, Feel The Love allows Lennox® partners to support local communities by providing neighbors in need with a new furnace, just in time for the cold weather season.

Lennox® “Feel the Love” nominees all have one thing in common: they always put others first. But sometimes, these individuals need a little help making sure their own needs are being met. This is why Pipe Works Services provided this family with a new furnace, air conditioner, humidifier, and air filter free of charge in partnership with Lennox®.

This deserving family recently experienced a major family tragedy, and because of their dedication to family, they opened their home to 2 more children in addition to their own 2 children. That is the hard part, and Pipe Works Services is going to take one important burden off their shoulders, so we installed a reliable system to keep them comfortable and able to focus on raising these kids. The old furnace which is still functioning is 30 years old and of course a Lennox, this is a long life for a furnace. In people’s years, it would be like 109 years old. 🙂 This home was just purchased in September and like any home, there are unexpected unpleasant surprises that need fixing.

(Filming in the family kitchen, the video will be amazing. Great job by NB Productions)

Chris (left) and Carvel Dragging out the old furnace and air conditioner to prepare for the Lennox install.

A big thank you to Tom Davis Heating out of Flemington, NJ for nominating this family so that we could help lift them.

Do you feel the love?

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