If you have had an HVAC system installed by us you most likely have met Chris Tapia, on our install crew. Chris started training in Jujutsu 8 years ago when he met his trainer who introduced him to Muaythai fighting. After only training for one month, he spontaneously entered his first competition. It struck like a lightning bolt for Chris, and he has been hooked ever since.

Recently Chris was in Delaware to compete in the “Gut Check Competition” where he fought as a Welter Weight. Chris is 5’9″ and his opponent was 6’3″ Chris lost this battle by one vote to the champion as a split decision. He is a very disciplined person, always training and eating healthy to make him a better contender.

Chris was scouted by a USA rep for an international competition called, the “WMO Myuathai Competition” this March in Thailand. He will be in Thailand for 2 weeks, the first week will be in training and adjusting to the hot temperatures. In the second week will be battling his way to the top.

Tapia’s stated, “fighting is more of a mental game and I apply this same mindset to my personal life. It makes me a calmer person and much more focused in my daily life.”

Everyone at Pipe Works Services is proud of his accomplishments and admires his dedication and discipline. I can only handle Shrimp Pad Thai in my daily life. If this makes me a better fighter, I will eat it more often. 🙂

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