This past weekend we attended The Fishawack Festival in Chatham, NJ. A beautiful day with lots of locals stopping by our booth. It was great to hear from existing customers who would take the time to tell us how much they appreciated our technicians by name. I did pass along those nice comments to them, and I know it means a lot to them. We also exhibited our brand-new sewer lining repair display for the first time.

I had many young couples stop by to tell me about how their brand-new homes were experiencing broken sewer issues. One couple had a sewer back up into their finished basement which then had to be gutted. This is not unusual for a new home in the area, but it is a horrifying thing to encounter while paying top dollar for a new home in the area. What happens is a small home is knocked down and a much larger home with more bathrooms is built. The older existing cast iron sewer line cannot handle the extra bathroom flushing and perhaps there is root infiltration and the line cracks. The worst-case scenario is the backup into the home as the couple I just mentioned experienced on Memorial Day Weekend. Technically the builder will not be held accountable in most New Jersey towns. This is why we always recommend a camera inspection before purchasing a new home. A couple of hundred dollars can save you thousands!

The Paul Giglio Hoodie prop got arrested during the event. I need bail money! This marketing prop brought onlookers. Expect to see our other guys made into table hoodie gangsters to join Paul. We also make these for fundraisers (with gift certificates) and at the last event, there was a fight over Paul in the hood. #Marketing

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