We recently went to a home in Chatham on a sloping property in Chatham, NJ that was experiencing increased flooding in their yard and garage. During a heavy rain recently, the water went into the garage and also into the home from the door inside the garage. They knew it was time to address the problem before it ruined the interior and foundation of their home.

One very unfortunate part of the project was the long driveway that wrapped around the back of the home as well. It required major digging and therefore an entire replacement after we completed the excavation. During heavy rain, the water was rushing so fast that the township connection in the street could not keep up. Our System Design special Rob Moakler went above and beyond searching for a better solution. He found a supplier in NJ that creates pre-made concrete wells and troughs (as seen in front of the garage door above) to manipulate the flow of water underground. The cylindrical well structure in the above photo has 2 Zoeller pumps at 2 different levels, that will make sure the water is pumped fast enough and carried away from the home. This clever design has given homeowners restful nights of sleep!

If you have a growing water infiltration issue please do not wait, start addressing it before it causes major damage to your home.

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