(This image is not an actual customer, but I imagine a few of you would have liked to beat up your AC unit for failing)

Over the weekend New Jersey experienced a brutal heat wave with temperatures hitting about 100 degrees. Combine that with the humidity making temperatures feel like 110 degrees for 2 days in a row. The emergency calls were non-stop for failing air conditioning systems. The post-heat wave is a good time to make sure you have an air conditioning tune-up to prevent the next ugly surprise as we move into the hottest part of the summer.

Normally we have one HVAC tech on call 24/7 but this weekend we have 3-4 on call and still, we were overwhelmed with requests for repairs. Another issue that occurs in extreme heat is that your system will not cool the house down to the exact requested temperature because it just can’t perform. If it’s 97 degrees, you may only be able to reach 15-20 degrees cooler than this inside your home. Please have realistic expectations as your unit will be running all day and night.

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