Pipe Works Services received a call from a commercial building owner in Hoboken, New Jersey. The building had a 6-inch clay sewer line, which is very old. The sewer line exiting the building was cracked 6-feet from the main. The difficulty was that the sewer line was under the street at a depth of 22 feet.

By opting for the Perma-Lining procedure the building owner saved ¾ of the total cost of a traditional sewer dig. Imagine what a relief that is to a customer.

Our technicians inserted a 6-inch scrim secure-in-place liner from inside the building within inches of the main without any excavation. The fact that no excavation is needed, is key because the location is the main thoroughfare through the city. This means that the work can only be done at night and the opening needs to be closed by morning every day for heavy traffic. This is why the cost can easily escalate.

This process was monitored by the North Hudson Sewerage Authority in Hoboken, New Jersey. The project was also overseen by the engineering firm Mott MacDonald. They approved the Perma-Lining process as a method of pipe rehab. The life expectancy of the new liner is 50-plus years per ASTM F 11216 third-party testing.

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