All heating and cooling systems require regular maintenance to keep them running at optimum efficiency. Parts that you need to be particularly mindful of changing regularly are the air filters. Dirty filters can cause equipment failure, require more energy to run your system, and create poor indoor air quality. Another aspect of getting the best from your HVAC system is whether to use a low-efficiency or high-efficiency air filter. Both types of filters have their pros and cons.

Low-Efficiency Air Filters

-Lower cost than high-efficiency filters

-Successfully stop lint and dust from coating sensitive components of your furnace, A/C, or heat pump

-Can take time to work effectively

-These need to build up some dust and grime in the filter to work at their peak

High-Efficiency Air Filters

-Higher cost than low-efficiency filters Blocks dust and lint and removes much more bacteria, pollen, and other very small particles in the air

-Immediately effective (no dirt build-up required)

-Require frequent changing as these filters remove more particles from the air, dirt, and debris builds up quicker than in low-efficiency air filters, so they require changing more often.

Paying the higher cost of a high-efficiency filter and more frequent replacement can still be a money saver. Higher efficiency rated filters can reduce your operating costs, and of course, provide you with much cleaner air for you and your family. A little expert advice can be invaluable here.

Further Information Even though a high-efficiency filter may be the right way to go for you, both financially and from a clean-air perspective, do not get one that has a higher efficiency rating than is right for your HVAC system, as this can impede airflow and cause equipment, efficiency and comfort problems.

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