If you have a refrigerator that dispenses water or makes ice, your first question is likely, “How can I get it to dispense beer or lemonade?” No? Ok, then maybe it’s actually how often you should change the water filter in your New Jersey home.

Why Change Your Water Filter

Like any other filtering system, the water filter in your refrigerator will, over time, accumulate the materials that are filtered out. And this gunk, as it collects on the filter, will eventually pass the filter and contaminate the water that’s running through it. You may even end up with pitted and crusty ice cubes as well.

If you’re like a lot of homeowners, changing the water filter in a refrigerator is easy to forget or delay, and sometimes that delay can run for the entire life of the appliance. The same applies to your refrigerator’s condenser coils, which over time, can collect dust and even mold, limiting their vital heat exchange role. With both tasks – cleaning your fridge’s coils and changing the water filter, the best course of action is to get on a regular schedule, devising a periodic reminder for when it’s time to do some maintenance.

How Often Should It Be Changed?

Most refrigerator manufacturers suggest changing your water filter every six months. As with all cleaning and filter-changing guidelines, they may need to be adjusted to meet the conditions in your home. For example, if your family uses a lot of water or ice, or the tap water itself is less than pure, you may need to change the filter more often.

If you wait too long, your water filter will lose its ability to effectively clean ice cubes and the water you’re drinking. At some point, mold and bacteria may start collecting on your filter.

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