Pipe Works Services has been selling and installing ProWool for a year now. It’s a great product for commercial and residential applications. Have a loud snoring spouse problem at night? As if the fire resistance wasn’t enough, it is also an incredible sound reducer, bringing peace to your daily life. It will greatly reduce the noise if blown into the interior and exterior walls. If we could make a ProWool face mask to muffle the snoring, life would be good. ProWool is 100% inorganic, as it is made from volcanic rock. As you can see from the images it has the texture of lumpy cotton and is blown into the walls and ceilings like cellulose. A huge plus of this product is the fact it is non-combustible. You can use a blow torch on it, and it will NOT burn at all. Imagine the benefits of having this in the walls and ceiling of a home.

So what other benefits does this product have? I recently discovered that it can be used to grow plants, flowers, and vegetables. You can see the tiny sprout peeking through the insulation (top photo right pic in collage) after only one week. According to their specs on ProWool, it will never mildew or mold, and its dust free. It is highly recommended for asthma and allergy sufferers, and there are no chemicals added for pest resistance. The ProWool does contain some minerals which help the plant grow in addition to watering. It’s very similar to hydroponics and this industry has been growing in other countries. Newark, New Jersey is a big hub for hydroponic farming as well. In an urban area horizontal space is at a premium, so the only way to go is up. The plants don’t mind the height, they just need sun, water, and nutrients. The ideas are flowing big time!

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