If you live in New Jersey, then you know that the Flu Season is raging. We even have entire schools shut down due to the overwhelming number of teachers and students that are sick, (Branchburg). In fact, there are 12 states in the USA, that kids are being kept home due to mass illness.

The cost to businesses and inconvenience to parents that cannot get to work can have a ripple effect on your income. You can reduce your risk of influenza by raising indoor relative humidity levels to 43 percent or above. Scientists report they were able to render 86 percent of airborne virus particles powerless. The scientists found that when humidity levels were set to 43 percent, only 14 percent of the virus particles that were released were able to transmit the influenza virus, compared with a transmission rate of 70 percent to 77 percent in a relatively low-humidity environment. If you need some tips for maintaining your humidifier, click here

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