Pipe Works Services tries to deliver great service and great innovative products to bring you comfort. Water is the most important life-sustaining resource on earth but when it shows up in the wrong way, it’s a nightmare.

What if I told you that you could place a small device under every water-based device in your home that would alert you if there was a leak? Imagine you are on vacation for a week and your home is empty, then your water heater starts to leak. Then that slow leak becomes a flood in your home all week. It also shuts off the water when it detects a leak while allowing the homeowner to turn their water on/off from their app remotely.

I had this happen to me but luckily, I was home because it was like a raging river across my basement. How about the time the water table was so high in my town that after the spring rains, the water was coming up from the floor via a small crack in the floor! Needless to say, every time there were heavy rains my homeowner anxiety was off the charts, wondering if I was going home to a flood. Thanks to the geniuses at leakSMART® you don’t need to wonder anymore. Now your phone will alert you if there are any leaks in sinks, water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, water softeners, and water filtration systems. Pipe Works Services is now an official dealer of leakSMART®

Did you know that the #2 homeowners’ insurance claim is from water damage inside a home?

Here is a very short video to show you just how easy peace of mind can be.

Isn’t it time to “Get Smart”?

I bet they are talking about leakSMART® technology in the cones of silence. It’s no longer a secret and Pipe Works is glad to help take away your pain. Call for a smart quote at 1-844-884-5409 info@pwsnj.com

Live smarter not harder!

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