If you would like to reduce the energy usage of your Northern New Jersey home and reduce your utility bills at the same time, one of the easiest and cheapest ways is to install a programmable thermostat. By controlling the temperature of your home automatically, a programmable thermostat can keep your home comfortable while you are home and reduce the usage of your HVAC system when you are sleeping or away from home. There are many different models on the market now, ranging from simple devices with different settings for weekdays and weekends, to Internet-connected devices that can be controlled remotely.

Basic Programmable Thermostat Features:

Regardless of the type, most programmable thermostats allow you to set the temperature to a normal setting for when you are home, then reduce or increase the temperature while you are away or sleeping. Most models will have several set points for each day, with a different schedule for the weekends or each weekend day. Typically, they also have a vacation mode, which will override the normal schedule if you are away for a longer period, as well as a manual override to adjust the temperature as you wish.

Advanced Programmable Thermostat Features:

  • Easy User Interface: By replacing the multiple buttons with a touchscreen interface, many new models are easy to use and program.
  • Internet Connectivity: With a wired or wireless connection to the Internet, many models can be adjusted or completely rescheduled from a computer, cell phone, or another device remotely.
  • Interior and Exterior Temperatures: Many models are compatible with external sensors that can monitor the outdoor temperature, as well as the indoor temperature.
  • Multiple Temperature Zones: Using extra modules with a compatible HVAC system, some models can control multiple temperature zones at the same time, even remotely.
  • System Alerts: If your HVAC system malfunctions while you are away from home, some models can alert you via email or through a special application.

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