Homeowners are becoming more knowledgeable about the benefits of proper insulation and ventilation for a home. If you want to save money on energy, you need to insulate your home well, but that also means you need ventilation to keep your air healthy and fresh. And that’s not only in your living space.

Your attic plays a huge role in the overall comfort level of your home. During the summer, it can trap heat, which then warms your ceiling and spreads down into your living space. However, you can’t simply insulate the attic to keep the heat from coming into your home because moisture, mold, and other problems will accumulate in your attic. Insulation and ventilation have to work together. You need these cures to keep your home comfortable and your bills low:

Start with insulation. Your ducts, vents, attic door, and any other openings allow heat to escape from the attic and infiltrate your home. Your ceiling also heats up when the attic is hot, which transfers heat to the air below and increases the demand on your A/C unit. You need to use the proper levels of insulation for the floor of your attic and the roof and install it correctly.

Consider an attic fan for ventilation. There are many types and sizes of attic fans. Every attic is different, so you need to speak with an expert who can assess the needs of your roof well. Generally, you can get an idea of the airflow you need by multiplying the cubic feet of your attic by 10. This flow rate will keep your attic close to the outside temperature, rather than the 150 degrees it could be otherwise.

Don’t cover eaves and vents. Make sure you don’t cover or seal any of the fans, vents, or eaves that are vital for ventilation. Insulation and ventilation have to complement each other to achieve the proper airflow required to keep your attic cool and healthy.

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