Preventing Attic Mold in Northern NJ Homes

    Preventing Attic Mold in Northern NJ HomesIf you have mold in your attic, air leakage and poor ventilation are likely to blame. Moisture enters your attic from the living space below and causes all kinds of problems, including mold and wood rot. Pipe Works Services can prevent attic mold using proper air sealing, ventilation, and insulation to limit the amount of warm air that’s escaping into your attic. These improvements can also reduce your heating and cooling costs by as much as 40 percent!

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    Why worry about mold in your attic?

    When mold is found in your attic, the main concern is damage from rot and excess moisture. Mold can weaken structural elements of your home like the rafters and roof sheathing. If you don’t find the source of the moisture in your attic and fix the problem, it will only get worse. Another common concern with mold in the home is exposure to airborne mold spores. It’s best to call a professional as soon as you spot the mold to prevent damage to your home and possible health hazards.

    Moist air escaping into your cold attic promotes mold growth & wood rot

    Moist air typically finds its way into your attic from poor ventilation and air leaks. We find that in most houses, the bathroom vent fan is dumping moist air into the attic rather than outside. If your bathroom vent fan isn’t installed properly, when you take a hot shower, all that moist air could be dumped into your attic space.

    Air leaks around recessed light fixtures, heating vents, the attic access hatch, and other cracks can also allow warm air to escape into the attic. No matter how it got there when this warm, humid air hits the cold underside of the roof deck, the moisture condenses, and water drips down the rafters, onto the attic floor and insulation. Wet wood and fiberglass insulation are ideal environments for mold.

    Moist air escaping into your cold attic promotes mold growth & wood rot

    Solve attic mold issues & improve your comfort at the same time

    Moisture and mold in the attic is a sign that too much-conditioned air is leaking out of your living space and into the attic. When the conditioned air escapes, this can make your home uncomfortable and cause your HVAC system to work harder, causing your energy bills to rise. You’re paying to heat your attic instead of your house!

    To reduce air leaks, our certified home energy specialists will air seal the attic and if necessary, upgrade your attic insulation. We can also make sure that vents are ducted outside your home and not inside your attic. We will also check that your attic roof is properly ventilated with the right soffit, ridge, and gable-mounted vents.

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    If you have mold in your attic, Pipe Works Services can inspect your attic to determine the cause and provide a free estimate to solve your problem! If you are dealing with high heating and cooling costs and aren’t sure where to start, our home energy evaluation can help to determine the source of your comfort and energy problems and the best solutions.

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